All Four Bentley's Batch 5 Barbecue Sauces



Order Bentley’s Batch 5 Products Wholesale Through Faire!

We are excited to announce that we are now partnering with Faire, the online wholesale marketplace, so that you can try our products with Net 60 terms and free returns on your first order! And Faire is free for retailers to join!

If you’re new to Faire, you will also receive $100 in credit and a year of free shipping of Bentley’s Batch 5 products with the shipping paid for by Faire.  And Faire also does not charge us a commission on any of your orders if you order through our portal. The “shop wholesale”  link to our Faire portal is below.

When you order our products on Faire you have to order them in cases of 12. However if you want mixed cases of our four barbecue sauces or mixed cases of our two Bloody Mary mixes just message us on Faire or give us a call after you place your order with Faire and we’ll mix the cases of sauce or the cases of mix any way you want. Our number is 214.821.3000.

Our portal is below!

You can also order Bentley’s Batch 5 products directly from us by calling 214.821.3000 or emailing us at info@bentleysbatch5.com   



Barbecue Bloody Mary Mixes